Born in 1966, it is hard to know that Salma Hayek started her acting career as a telenovela star from her native country Mexico. Entering Hollywood screens from Desperado, a Robert Rodriguez's film before eventually gaining a top spot as one of the most successful actresses. However Salma’s career only had a starting point when she dropped out of school to be an actress. After trying studying a few months at Mexico University, The beauty saw it best to drop and follow her dream of becoming an actress. This has not all been in vain as not only is she a household name, but has the title of first Latin actress to be nominated as best actress in her role as Frida.

With the pinnacle of her career noted in the 6 Academy award- nominated film Frida, Salma seems to be on a road to stardom from what was once humble beginnings. Salma on the other hand has not stopped there as she also has her hands in production and directing on television series. Sitting on the director’s seats, Salma is known best for the notable hit series Frida, which was a hit worldwide.

Salma Hayek’s career know that her acting has come with quite a few surprises and complements regarding her body and looks. This comes about as with the fact she knows she has the ideal type of body men and women envy after, she is not afraid to flaunt it. Recently in a post on Instagram the Frida star decided to post a photo of herself enjoying some quality time in a hot tub. However as innocent as it looks at first she then goes ahead stating that she is all naked in the caption. With this it’s hard not to remember her sex scene in “Desparado” (1995) with Antonio Banderas that still comes up on search engines, even if it was acted 20 years ago.

However with her naughty side clear for all to see, she is known better at the charity front.Gender Equality and Violence Against WomenSpeaking on social work Salma Hayek is a figure known in the humanitarian work fighting against violence against women and immigrant discrimination. Working with countless organizations from UNICEF and particularly in the chime for Change campaign. On her statement on the issue she is quick to point out that charity work is something that she has been doing for a long time, before being a celebrity. Encouraging all to join her she often states that such kind of work is not only for celebrities and should not be, as anyone can help.

However one thing that everyone looking at Salma Hayek readily agrees is the fact that not only is she a powerful figure when it comes to gender equality but also that she is a perfect role model. With no career killing scandals about her, and her involvement in charity work in addition to being a lover of the feminine body, the 49 year old should be on every pin up poster.